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In the online world, direction is critical.

Increase your brand equity, acquire new customers, and convey compelling value - Caliber Creations can help you attain all of these goals. Our consultants are marketing professionals, and can work with you to increase the reach of your value proposition to qualified online prospects.

We specialize in four main areas of internet technology:

  • Web development- includes domain name speculation, website hosting, website design, conception, architecture, scriptiing, programming, and database administration.
  • Online Marketing- includes consulting for website promotion via paid search engine marketing, organic search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, blog marketing, and social networking.
  • Virtual Tours- the most effective method of showing your real estate property to an unlimited number of potential buyers. Digital imaging and 3D interaction is a necessity in the real estate industry today.
  • Computer based training- customized software tutorials to train your employees, recruits, clients, or others on how to use your software. Some examples include ERP solutions, datawarehouse implementations, and online degrees/certifications. We also provide CBT translations for use in diverse populations.

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The Adventures

In the online world, adventures are critical.

In the offline world, you're an adventurer - you climb mountains, run races, and explore possibilities around the globe. In the online world, you have the same attitude - you search, click, post, and send - all in the name of exploration and the pursuit of adventure. We do the same thing, and this is our playground for online adventures!

We've put together some of our own adventures, ideas, information, and sites that you may find interesting. Or, you may not find them interesting at all, but most likely we do, and we can play anyway we want to in our playground! Come play with us if you like!

Foosball! Tom Horn Handmade Jewelry
Human Evolution Real Estate Casa de Venta
The Adventures Shakuhachi Womens Clothing
Mens Clothing Tok Pisin Chat en Espanol
Tour de Laramie Motorcycles

We'll remain on the lookout for new playground material so that we can continue this great online adventure. Where is the web going? What will become of it? Only time will tell, so the best thing we can do is to enjoy the adventure as it is, while thinking about what is to come.